New Year Resolutions

It passes by as quick as turning over the page of a book. 23.59 becomes 0.00 and suddenly we find ourselves in a new year. 2017 stands already strong with its roots deeply tangled in the endings of 2016, ready to become a beautiful year. At least that’s what I have to believe when I read peoples new year resolutions that they all spread proudly over their personal walls and social media.
If half of the things being said come true, i think we finally have our world peace :).

I didn’t make any this year. So many people asked me though “So Bart, what are you gonna do different this year?”… Maybe just smile at least one smile more than last year :). Help at least one more soul than last year. Thing is: If every day you try to be the best you you can possibly be, you don’t need new year resolution. you are a new year resolution for humanity itself.

The big change that this magical year will bring for me and some new friends I made here in the south of Portugal, is to continue creating this groundbreaking project where we all feel so blessed to be part of. 2017 will be the year VEGOA will grow from baby to toddler. A part in its growth where it will gain trust, explore and see more possibilities. It wants to grow. It wants to learn, it wants to expand… and so that’s how it will go…

I always had optimism as a close friend of mine. But last year we became even closer. For every problem there is a solution, that feeling is now even stronger. Through every thorny forest you can create a path. You might get some scars doing it, but all scars heal and in the end you created a path where other people can safely walk on to follow you in your footsteps… We need people with guts, those who just say “Come on, people… Let’s go for it”. In Disney’s Lion King they call it “the leap of faith, the band of hope” :p Hakuna Matata!!! Lets create something new, something that so many people are waiting for to happen, but maybe too afraid to try. That’s one of the beauties of VEGOA. We are those who don’t hesitate to get into those thorn bushes and create a path. We know there is a more sustainable way of living possible and if we unite we can create whatever we desire. The true power is within ourselves.

So yeah, 2017!! Bring it on… I’m ready for it. I’ll make it the best year I ever had so far. Cause I know I’m doing the right thing. I’m helping to make this little part of the universe we call earth a better place. That modest, beautiful sphere that was so perfectly in balance till humanity happened and acted as a disease… And I can only hope more people will be inspired by us doing so and will support or join VEGOA project. Or other projects. Or just make some changes yourself… How can you be a more loving person? How can you contribute to make your neighbourhood a more balanced place? Simple, you just do… BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD…

Hope to see you around VEGAN HILLS in stunning Algarve. I wish you beauty and balance for the next year, but mainly for now, cause now is when magic can happen…



magical forrest path (

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