Vegoa is a platform that allows you to turn your dream of a sustainable and ethical lifestyle into a reality. The core values of veganism, self-sustainability and freedom are combined with ambitious entrepreneurship and creativity. Basic rules in alignment with the core values make up our manifest/s which all members must accept in order to join.

The entire Vegoa association is organised via a new decentralised system. To solve common problems and/or offer services and products, Vegoans can create organisations (working groups) on their own or team up with others. This way, they can easily start a successful business on the property and work on something they love and are passionate about.

Vegoans are motivated, inspired, proactive and down-to-earth individuals who take action to make their dreams come true and stand up for their beliefs. They dream of a life away from big cities in harmony with nature, yet also with access to the newest technologies available on the off-grid market. Vegoans are people with a shared vision and drive who work both self-sufficiently on individual goals, as well as collectively on common goals.

The long-term goal is to lead by example and inspire others to also follow a sustainable and ethical lifestyle. We want to show what is possible and are aiming to develop several completely vegan and self-sustainable regions all over the world, starting with the first acquisition of Vegan Hills in Algarve, southern Portugal.