CHAPTER I – The Members

Article 1 (Membership Status)

The Association is constituted by the following kind of members:

  1. ‘Inactive members’ shall be those members who have paid a subscription for membership to the Vegoa Association but are not in a Land Management or Co Housing Organization.
  2. ‘Resident members’ shall be those members who are part of a Land Management or Co Housing Organization and meet the requirements for physical presence on the land in accordance with the regulation of that Organization.
  3. ‘Non-Resident members’ shall be those members who are part of a Land Management or Co Housing Organization but are not considered resident in accordance with the regulation of that Organization.
Article 2 (Admittance)
  1. All members are committed to a vegan lifestyle according to the Vegan Society definition of veganism (
  2. Furthermore, are committed to this lifestyle Guests and Visitors inside the Organizations they are visiting, having also to respect their regulations and the Vegoa regulation. Otherwise, they shall be asked to leave.
  3. The admittance as a member is subject to:
    1. Approval of Management, with right to appeal to the General Assembly.
    2. The payment of a €500 (five hundred euros) fee and the signature of the associated form, accepting the Statutes and Regulations of Vegoa and the respective Land Management or Co Housing Organization/s.
  4. Members must pay the annual levy approved by the Assembly.
  5. Members have the right to buy a share in a Land Management or Co Housing Organization, property of Vegoa, according to the Organization’s regulation.
Article 3 (Rights)
  1. All members have the following rights:
    1. To take part in General Assemblies;
    2. To elect and be elected to Association organs;
    3. To request a meeting of the General Assembly pursuant to Article 5, no. 7 of the Statutes;
    4. To submit any suggestions that they consider appropriate for the purposes of the regulation;
    5. To use all the services of the association and of the Organizations they’re part of, on the conditions established by Management and the Organizations regulation;
    6. To enjoy all other benefits of the association and of the Organizations they’re part of, on the conditions established by Management and the Organizations regulation;
    7. To receive information on the life and activity of the association;
    8. To request the association’s intervention in the event of circumstances affecting their professional interests that, due to their nature, can be included in the association purposes.
  2. Voting rights on disposal, constitution of covenants or encumbrances will be defined in the regulation of each Organization.
  3. Only members of the Organizations can vote their regulations, in accordance to its specificities.
Article 4 (Duties)

The below points apply regardless of the membership status:

  1. To remind other members about their duties defined in all related Regulations and Statutes;
  2. To punctually pay the contributions established by the assembly;
  3. To occupy positions in the Association to which they have been elected or appointed;
  4. To attend assemblies and meetings to which they have been summoned;
  5. To abide by the provisions of the statutes and the regulation of the association, as well as the regulations of the organizations they’re part of, and the decisions of its bodies;
  6. To collaborate actively in all initiatives that contribute to the prestige and development of the Association and the Organization/s they are part of.
  7. Each member of the Vegoa community (hereinafter referred to as: Vegoan) gives their best effort to protect the environment and promote self-sustainability.
  8. Each Vegoan respects the rights and freedom of fellow Vegoans, including the right to be treated with dignity and respect
  9. The rights and freedoms of each Vegoan inside the community shall only be limited to the extent that they interfere inappropriately with the rights and freedoms of other Vegoans, and as such agree to refrain from antisocial, insulting, derogatory or aggressive behaviour.
  10. There shall be no discrimination based on sex, gender, age, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disabilities, religious or analogous grounds.
  11. Vegoans agree to respect criminal Portuguese law.
  12. Every Vegoan agrees to primarily use the Mediation Organization in case of conflict, as well as respect its regulation, also when determined by Management.
Article 5 (Loss of Membership)
  1. The member status will be revoked to anyone:
    1. Sending a letter to the Management stating their renouncement.
    2. Ceases to fulfil the requirements in Article 2 (Admittance)
  2. Additionally, member status will be revoked where there is just cause for revocation of membership. Just cause includes behaviours and actions that are inconsistent with the object of the Association and Organizations, this includes but is not limited to:
    1. Severely disrespecting the rules, objectives and principles of the Association and Organizations.
    2. Repeatedly or seriously failing to fulfil their obligations and duties to the Association and Organizations.
    3. Engaging in conduct that is deemed prejudicial to the Association and Organizations.
    4. Severely harming the Association and the Organizations or supporting someone in doing so.
  3. The decision of revocation will be taken by Management, the member retains the right to appeal to the Assembly, where a 75% vote in favour of the exclusion has to be reached, from the members present.
  4. The loss of member status will not entitle the former member to the reimbursement of any contributions made to the Association nor does it exempt them from punctual fulfilment of any financial obligations already undertaken.

CHAPTER II – Organizations

Article 6 (Definition and Basics)
  1. An Organization is a working group of members that get together to offer a service, product or solution to a problem or need.
  2. Vegoa Organizations are like non-profit cooperatives but can guarantee wages to members. How much everyone should earn is decided collectively within the Organization.
  3. Organizations are encouraged to be transparent. Members can request decision making related information at the end of each quarter. It’s up to the Organization to formulate its transparency policy.
  4. Knowledge is shared for free between organizations and members inside the Association. Organizations are not forced to spend resources to make the knowledge available, but are encouraged to do so.
Article 7 (Type of Organizations)

Vegoa has namely the following types of Organizations:

  1. Open Organizations – This type of Organization can be joined by any member. These Organizations are taking care of common resources or common services like communication, water and energy management, etc.
  2. Co-housing – This type of Organization is managing housing and residential projects and can handle every aspect of communal living.
  3. Services and Products Organizations – These Organizations are similar to regular cooperatives. They can be initiated by one or a group of members to offer a service or product inside or outside the Vegoa platform. Members of these Organizations collectively decide when to invite new members to join. Vegoa promotes entrepreneurship to guaranty self sustainability of the Vegoa Project.
  4. Land Management Organizations – These Organizations manage the residential areas and/or the land areas.

Chapter III – Final Provisions

Article 8 (Communication)

Every communication, including official and non-official communication, are made by email. Besides, communication may be done through the internet platform of the Association and/or by normal mail, in this case specially for members with limited access to internet.

Article 9 (Changes of the Regulation)

To be updated, the Vegoa Regulation requires a 75% vote in favour from the members present during an Assembly.