Vegan Education and Activism

We grow up in a profoundly disconnected culture. The disconnect between the food on our plates and its origin is a perfect example. Our collective ill-treatment of other animal species may be seen as emblematic of the divorce between the modern world and the natural one of which we are nonetheless an indivisible part, and indeed of a disconnection from our own true nature – our humanity.

Vegan education is all about helping others make the connection and wake up to the inescapable reality of appalling violence inherent in all branches of the animal industry, happening all the time on an unimaginable scale. And it’s about showing that there is an alternative in a pure vegetarian (vegan) way of living which happens to be good for us, too.

We’re happy to be a very small part of a massive and ever-growing movement that dares to dream of an end to animal exploitation and suffering. In this journey we free ourselves and move a step closer to bringing about a peaceful world to share with all beings. That’s why we can truly say:

Animal Liberation
Human Liberation.


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