Vegan Hills

Important Note: The Project is in a Transition phase therefore does not accept new members or visitors until further notice.

In Portugal there are three regions (Algarve, Madeira and Azores islands) which have declared themselves GMO-free. Vegan Hills is in the west side of the Algarve, near Vila do Bispo which passed the GMO-free declaration.

Because of this our bee population is healthy, and our spring water uncontaminated with pesticides.

The soil is very fertile in the valleys but needs to be revitalised in different parts as it was disturbed by cattle farming before.

Land characteristics

  • Land Size: 103 hectares
  • Location: Algarve, Vila do Bispo
  • Nearest Village: Pedralva, 1.6km
  • Nearest Big City: Lagos – 40 minutes by car
  • Nearest Beach: Praia do Amado, 8 km by bike
  • Access to the South and West coats
  • Multiple hills, valleys, streams and rivers
  • There are no intense farming lands next to us in our neighbourhood
  • The water in the land is exclusively provided by the hills (no water is coming from the neighbours)


We imagine a land full of food, flowers and trees, a place of small and infinite walk-able ways and natural buildings. Can you see it? As the first Vegoa project we choose to make self-sustainability our priority and our ultimate aim will be to produce more than 100% of what we use. We want it to be a place that is as an example of a cruelty-free world where people help each other and all the animals. A place that can receive people for events and health holidays.  A place that encourages creativity and entrepreneurship. A place that uses a radical new organisation system.

Reasons we chose this land

There are so many reasons that is hard to choose the first one to list: It’s stunningly beautiful and diversified with valleys, hill tops and perfect conditions to farm and store water. In just a few minutes (by bike) you can reach the beautiful and unspoiled west coast of the Algarve. It’s 1 million square meters of paradise. The area enjoys a mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and mild wet winters. The heat in the summer is moderated by Atlantic breezes. The region counts about 3.000 hours of sunshine annually (ideal conditions for solar panels for example).


The main focus of the first land acquisition of Vegoa is self-sustainability. After analysing other Eco-villages we realised that none of them reach full self-sufficiency in food and other resources. We think we can do it at Vegan Hills. We plan to build natural houses using local and widely available materials and prioritise food production by trying to produce more than the residents can consume, whilst looking at other needs such as clothing and linen production using plant fibres.


Pictures Of The Land