Vegoa Manifest

Last updated 23 January 2017

1. Every member that wants to join the Vegoa community has to comply with the basic rules of the Manifest.

2. All members joining Vegoa are committed to a vegan lifestyle according to the Vegan Society definition of veganism (

3. Each member of the Vegoa community (hereinafter referred to as: Vegoan) gives their best effort to protect the environment and promote self-sustainability.

4. Each Vegoan respects the rights and freedom of fellow Vegoans, including the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

5. The rights and freedoms of each Vegoan inside the community shall only be limited to the extent that they interfere inappropriately with the rights and freedoms of other Vegoans, and as such agree to refrain from anti-social, insulting, derogatory or aggressive behaviour.

6. There shall be no discrimination based on gender, age, religion, race, sexual orientation, disabilities, religious or analogous grounds.

7. Vegoans agree to respect Portuguese criminal law.

8. Vegoans can only be excluded from the community when they fail to respect the Manifest with a 90% vote.

9. The Vegoa Manifest can only be changed with at least 90% of Vegoans voting and 90% in favour.

10. Each organisation under Vegoa is free to decide its own decision-making process.

11. Organisations’ manifests cannot override this manifest or any of its clauses.

12. When joining or creating an organisation, its manifest as well as the Vegoa manifest have to be accepted and respected.

13. To have voting rights within the Vegoa Community, a Vegoan has to be part of a land organisation.