A Vegoa Organisation is a working group of Vegoans that get together to offer a service,  product or  solution to a problem or need. They are a vital part of Vegoa decentralised structure, social organisation and conflict resolution.

The idea behind Organisations is that we are humble enough to accept that we can’t create the best social organisation method for everyone and therefore give them the freedom to try their own.

Types of Organisations

  1. Open Organizations – This type of Organization can be joined by any member. These Organizations are taking care of common resources or common services like communication, water and energy management, etc.
  2. Co-housing – This type of Organization is managing housing and residential projects and can handle every aspect of communal living.
  3. Services and Products Organizations – These Organizations are similar to regular cooperatives. They can be initiated by one or a group of members to offer a service or product inside or outside the Vegoa platform. Members of these Organizations collectively decide when to invite new members to join. Vegoa promotes entrepreneurship to guaranty self sustainability of the Vegoa Project.
  4. Land Management Organizations – These Organizations manage the residential areas and/or the land areas.

Basics of an Organisation

  1. An Organization is a working group of members that get together to offer a service, product or solution to a problem or need.
  2. Vegoa Organizations are like non-profit cooperatives but can guarantee wages to members. How much everyone should earn is decided collectively within the Organization.
  3. Organizations are encouraged to be transparent. Members can request decision making related information at the end of each quarter. It’s up to the Organization to formulate its transparency policy.
  4. Knowledge is shared for free between organizations and members inside the Association. Organizations are not forced to spend resources to make the knowledge available, but are encouraged to do so.

Examples of Organisations:

  • Imagine you just joined Vegoa and are going to move soon to Vegan Hills. You are really excited about starting to build your house and infrastructure but actually have no clue about natural and sustainable building materials and methods? You simply have to ask an Organisation that is in charge of that to get help and information.
  • Everyone needs tools to build and to prepare the land for building and farming. We don’t need to buy those tools all ourselves so we have 40 tools of one and the same tool so we create a Tool Organisation which is in charge of buying and managing tools so that everyone who needs a tool has access to it when he or she needs it.
  • Imagine you are passionate about farming so you can start an Organisation with the goal to reach more than 100 % food sufficiency for Vegan Hills and you can team up with others to reach that goal and even sell produce outside of Vegan Hills.
  • Or for example you are interested in managing common water resources? You can start or join the open organisation of water management and you will work with others on the goal to manage the resources in a sustainable and effective way.
  • You are passionate about vegan cooking and your friends and family love your food. Now you decided to offer vegan cooking classes. You will create an Organisation for that and can team up with other Vegoans to make this a flourishing business.
  • You are interested in Webpage content, Social Media and are a great and passionate writer and have good skills in communicating with others? Join the open Organisation Communication.