Open sign-ups till 15th of March

We are very happy about the direction everything is heading and about the mixture of individuals that make up Vegan Hills future neighbourhood so far : )

If you were looking at our beautiful project and would like to know us a bit better, get a feeling of the land and ask all your questions you are given two options: Book a hike at Vegan Hills or/and participate in a Group Skype call. 

The hike is a perfect opportunity for you to really dive into the beauty and pure nature of the property during a guided tour and in the same time get to know some of the first inhabitants. 
Next dates are: March 12th

You can also book a Skype Call with us to answer your questions and “meet up” virtually. 
Next dates are TBC 

To participate in of the hikes and/or Skype Calls please email us at to arrange. Until the 15th of March we have sign-ups open to everyone! Looking forward to meeting you : ) 

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